Greetings of Distinction 1996 - 2020 These Items Are Produced Using Quality 250gsm Card. CLEAN CUT - NO RAGGED EDGES.

Narrow Boat - Semi Trad.  110mm x 15mm

Narrow Boat - Trad.  100mm x 25mm

PayPal: Add Narrow Boat Trad x 10 to cart


Height   55mm 50mm 45mm Width    100mm            70mm          85mm

Low Rider Chopper

Motor Bike

Height     45mm                 40mm              35mm Height      60mm                   50mm                40mm

Man & Begging Dog

Width    80mm                 65mm             50mm

Land Rover

Tractor A

Height   75mm                 60mm                45mm

Tractor B

Tractor C

Height   80mm                 65mm                50mm PayPal: Add Narrow Boat Semi Trad x 10 to cart

Welsh Dragon Black

Welsh Dragon Red

Width    70mm                 60mm                50mm Width    70mm                 60mm                50mm
Width    100mm               80mm           90mm

Rock Band


90mm x 65mm


Man & Piano

85mm x 90mm


Hanging Sign

80mm x 65mm



40mm x 80mm



65mm x 90mm



80mm x 70mm


Pirate Ship

90mm x 80mm

Pirate Set

Qty: 4 sets (12 piece)

90mm x 130mm

Pirate Crew

Qty: 4 sets (16 piece)

PayPal: Add Pirate Set x 4 sets to cart PayPal: Add Pirate Ship x 10 to cart PayPal: Add Pirate Crew x 4 sets to cart

Couple & Lamp Post 100mm

Qty: 6 sets

60mm x 100mm

PayPal: Add Couple & Lamp x 6 sets to cart

Rock Guitarist


Height     80mm                 65mm              50mm

Dartboard & Darts

Qty: 5 sets

70mm x 70mm

PayPal: Add Dart Board & Darts x 5 to cart

Celebration Party

90mm x 70mm

PayPal: Add Celebration Party x 10 to cart