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Greyhound A

Height:     65mm                   55mm                45mm

Greyhound B

Greyhound C

Height:     60mm                     50mm                40mm

Greyhound D

Greyhound E

Greyhound F

Greyhound G

Greyhound Set

Height:     65mm                     55mm                45mm

Dog Begging

Qty: 15   Height 35mm

Height:     50mm                   40mm                      30mm

Height:     30mm                     25mm                20mm

Height:     45mm                     35mm                25mm

Height:     50mm                   40mm                      30mm

Height:     75mm                                         65mm


Dinosaur A

Dinosaur B

Dinosaur C

Height:     70mm                                         60mm


Height:     55mm                                         50mm


Height:     60mm                                         55mm


Dinosaur D

Dinosaur E

Dinosaur SET


Wolf & Moon

Height:  85mm                   70mm                      55mm

Wolf Head Moon

These Items Are Produced Using Quality 250gsm Card. CLEAN CUT - NO RAGGED EDGES.

Height:     80mm                   65mm                      50mm

Butterfly Black

Qty: 12 - 18 - 25

Width 70mm                        60mm                  50mm Width 70mm                        60mm                  50mm Width 70mm                        60mm                  50mm

Butterfly Rainbow

Qty: 12 - 18 - 25

Butterfly 2 part

Qty: 8 - 10 - 12

Birds Nesting

Width  85mm                65mm       75mm

Duck Family

Height 60mm                        55mm                  50mm Width 70mm                        60mm                  50mm

Duck Eggs

Height 75mm                        55mm                  65mm

Owls on branch

Birds LOVE Branch

Birds HEART Branch

Swan in reeds

Heron in Pond

Height:     90mm                   70mm                      50mm

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Height:     65mm                   50mm                      45mm



Height: 80mm                 65mm                      50mm

Height: 85mm                 70mm                      55mm

Howling Wolf A

Height:  90mm                   75mm                      60mm

Height:     90mm                   75mm                      60mm

Arabian Camel

Height:     80mm                   65mm                      50mm

Howling Wolf B

Height: 75mm                   65mm                      55mm

Sitting Cat

Standing Cat

Height: 85mm                   70mm                      55mm

Height: 80mm                   65mm                      50mm

Height: 85mm                 70mm                     55mm

Fat Cat

Royal Cat

Height: 65mm                 55mm                      45mm

Trotting Horse

Height: 65mm                 55mm                      45mm

Shetland Pony